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Gabriel Valente Ferrão
is a motion graphics designer,
animator, and art director.
He makes pretty things move.

But what moves him
lies beyond aesthetics.
He’s a design-thinking, problem-solving, maker and creator.

Featured Projects

Samsung 837
In Store Experience

Role: Design, Animation, Compositing
Studio: Timber
Client: Samsung of North America
October 2016

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Role: Design
Agency: B-Reel
Client: Facebook
July 2014

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Jump Ahead

Roles: Animation, Compositing
Studio: Blind
Agency: Ayzenberg
June 2015

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Motion Poems
A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem

Roles: Design, Animation, Compositing, Jr. Art Direction
Studio: Timber

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Gabe is a motion graphics designer, animator and art director with an extensive background in fine-art painting and illustration.  An artist at heart, he is fascinated by the intersection of the arts and technology, and aspires to take part in creating the future.

A self-proclaimed ‘ideas guy,’ he has an analytical, methodical, and incessant curiousness, which makes him a natural in design-thinking and creative problem-solving. These traits translate into thoughtful and purposeful design / animation.

He has freelanced in several of Los Angele’s top design studios and ad agencies, and today has the privilege of being a creative in Apple’s Marketing & Communications (Marcom) team in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is also a proud immigrant. He arrived in the US at the age of 11, and began his artistic studies shorly thereafter, eventually graduating from Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration, and Motion Graphics.

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︎ gabrielvf@me.com

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